Friday, August 12, 2005

From the dark side

Well, it is now only a matter of hours before the normally sane rational events that surround the Gong Show (tm) are over and the really odd traditions kick in and I am forced into seclution. So I'm doing this now to look busy to prolong my freedom. While getting supplies, a friend of mine got me Maximum PC. Out of reflex, I shook my head saying "I'm a Mac guy... what can I..." then the little elves started working (and checking the website to find this piece that suggests that it is only a matter of time before OSX is available on standard Intel hardware) - wait you fool - it's from the MacAddict people, so that is a plus, Apple has gone x86 and there may be something there inside on that... and it's just cool to read about the other side once in a while. The OS might rot, but the kit is stuch ill "top shelf" (Been hanging out with too many "English" speakers of late - not that I'm bothered). So I open the mag and the first thing I see flipping through is a side bar on A on I. Basically it says that the switch may have been made to get a faster laptop chip, but that the bottom line for Apple isn't going to change much as the chips may be more expensive and the greatest issue (as seen by them) is that there will still be a lack of software and are expensive to get in to. Interesting thoughts, and likely correct, though on the PC side, games are still the big moves for hardware and on Mac, the productivity apps move hardware - both seem to have enough speed for their calling (as I degress). Then after seeing that I flip to an article about 5 ideas that MS should steal from other OSes and Apple was at the top of the list almost every tine with OSX. The first - app management (install etc), second - quick view of open windows, third - 3d acceleration across displays, fourth - scripting and lastly permissions. I'm wondering if the MacAddict team didn't ghost write this one. That is all I have seen in the magazine so far, but for my first trip to the dark side (magazine wise) in a while, it's been interesting. The picture that you get this week is the strata on Mount Royal. Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,