Friday, August 05, 2005

PS3 and Tiger

Well, I guess I have at least one more post this month. This story out of Sony UK give some interesting info on the PS3. It is supposedly on track for 2006 (there were stories this week that it would be delayed and that Sony was planning to ride a $100 PS2 for a full year if Xbox 360 was flopping) and that is supposed *nix OSes. In the release it mentions (at the bottom) "Linux and Apple's Tiger". This could be very interesting - what would have to happen to let Apple release a version of OSX that would run a PS3? It could one of the big things that was announced at Macworld with the Sony pres. And if it is a fully operational OS on the PS3, it seems that the cell chips will have found their way into the Apple line. Technorati Tags: , ,