Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rock'n Hot Coffee

< hmmm soapbox is starting to look a bit lonely... > When GTASA first came out, I had a feeling that it was going to rock the world in terms of game play and what it would do to those who fear games that extoll violence. I also knew that if I could, I would make sure that if I had any say in it, my younger siblings and cousins (under 18) would not be playing that game - I tried, but one of them got through - . Why? GTASA is most decidedly an adult game - not a "mature" game - which anyone outside the naive ESRB and FTC in the US understands as "this is a really cool game that any shop will sell to anyone" (to the point were the ever litigious people of the US are launching a civil suit against Take-Two Interactive). So now, after modders have found "Hot Coffee" (Google News, GTA San,, GTA Garage, Gamespot), the higher mucky mucks finally clue into this - why? Sex - you see it's ok in North America to show people being involuntarily slaughtered in cold blood, but a little bit of hot blooded "bump'n of the uglies" is way out of line - Think of the children!. Sir Anthony Hopkins commented on this when giving an interview for "Human Stain". It is even so bad that in the US, a nation where sex is being used to sell children's clothing (Canoe story), a puppet movie (Team America) was edited as to not show puppets (yes freaking puppets!) doing the deed. For differing views on sexuality, look to Europe. Page 3 there would never happen here - heck even the soap ads there are "dirty". So why am I on the old box? Just as other media before it (including movable type), games are going to be (and already are) scapegoated for being the root of evil in society. But what is really at issue? I think it is the society that really is afraid of itself. Note to get the mod to work, you need a modded (nee illegal) console or the PC version of the game. < hops off soapbox, admires linkfest> Technorati Tags: , , , , ,