Thursday, July 28, 2005

From the make up your mind department - Tablet PC Futures

Thanks to Engadget for this (I spotted the positive one, not the other). TechWeb News has a positive and negative prediction on the Tablet PC. It seems to me that Tablets will fail where people want them to be "bigger and better" and succeed wildly where people need them to fill the role of electronic paper and power organizer/light duty computer. My guess is this is the same spiel that was being done about laptops many years ago. A cheap tablet based computer (any OS, but Mac prefered ;)) would really be a hit with students and managers. Maybe even with artists who need quick sketching/review/edit facilities. But for people who want to edit video and "take over the world" with a tablet - the technology just isn't there right now - maybe another few years it may be there. Just look at the laptop market that only recently has been moving into the desktop replacement realm, it will be another few years until the hiptop is a laptop replacement and again a short spell before the palmtop replaces the hiptop. Technorati Tags: