Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Early iPod adopters get cash back

Well it looks like those of use who bought iPods while there was still a copyright levy on them, will be getting money back in some manner (CBC, Google). The big probelm here - how do you prove that you bought an iPod that had the levy if you have already chucked the receipts or the box (like I just did! Doh!). Maybe through the registry (if you've registered your iPod, Apple should know anyway) Aside from getting cash back on iPods, I think this is good news for the copyright in Canada and elsewhere. It's another ruling that shows that a technology is not the cause of an illegal act (I know this is the same slippery slop that many - including myself use against guns). A hard drive on it's own is not always used to pirate IP (whereas an assault rifle isn't really needed for getting rid of gophers and "protecting a daughter's virtue"). There is another interesting post here. Technorati Tags: , ,