Saturday, August 20, 2005

APA on violent games - post 100

Ok, this is just a quick link to a story that Canoe ran about what the APA said about violent games. They say that violence in games is having an effect on kids and recommend that children be taught media literacy, that games show consequences for actions and that a rating system should be in place. Whoa, that is earth shattering. Many of the violent games are not meant for children (GTASA anyone?), so media literacy should be directed at the parents. Consequences in games, that is a good idea as we know that kids will get to them anyway and games that have the player be as vulnerable as the bad guy are very popular (Tom Clancy games) and lastly the ratings system. That is a total joke, there is no way that WalMart, Best Buy or the corner video store are really going to care enough about kids over making a buck to really make any rating system fly. Technorati Tags: , ,