Friday, September 01, 2006

Pic of the week - Lightning

Originally uploaded by idarknight.

This week was a toss up between this shot (one that I thought that I would never get), one of the moon (which turned out very nice, but I know I can do better with a tripod and a larger moon) and a wasp nest that is being built outside my bedroom window.

I decided on this one because of a story that my bother was telling me that he was trying to capture lightning when they were in the tropics as well, but only had a P&S. The trick that I learn (and that was verified by practice and later research was that to capture lightening, you don't need fast reflexes, rather the opposite, you need a long exposure. This one rang in at 57 seconds. The moon is also opposite as it is a very bright object and you need a very short exposure to capture that (so the mega zoom P&S cameras will be able to do a dandy shot there).

Of course if you want to see the others (they may be up on the blog next week) just click into the flickr pages.