Sunday, August 27, 2006

GCalSync et al

Along with Blogger/Blogger Beta being a bit flakey of late (I had to rebuild my template on Friday, logins are getting mixed up and the Google Notifier on the Mac lets you know that there is something there waiting for you, but you can't go check it out - so I'm staying with the older one for now) and not posting this entry repeatedly, this is something I found. Well, I knew this would not take long - and thanks to Kairosnews I've found GCalSync. but it required the phone to connect online to the gCal servers. This is fine if you have a data plan, but that can get pretty expensive if you don't - and it currently has issues with my phone. It still doesn't deal with things offline - and if you have a phone browser that is supported by gCal, then why not work directly (Something for Google to look into - work on getting Opera Mini to work with gCal at least? Technorati Tags: ,