Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Calgoo may be the answer to being able to interact with Google Calendar off line. They say that it will be available for mobile devices shortly but hopefully there will be a means of connecting changes made on the mobile unit to the gCal directly. In the mean time iCal is a decent solution as long as you have .mac to host the calendars. One question that someone asked me in an email this morning that I thought I might post here - Why bother with gCal if .mac has all your calendars published online already? Well, the answer is that the .mac calendars are stored as separate sites for each calendar. So for people like me who keep a variety of calendars for work and then another set for personal events, that can be very cumbersome to get a quick glance and because I can't edit the .mac calendars off line it's not much use to me. Then the question turns to my phone/PDA - aren't all the events on there? Well yes they are but there are times that the phone dies, that I forgot it at home or that I otherwise can't get to it. It's for that reason that gCal is useful to me as a fall back in it's current setup. I can input events easily to the Google Calendar and subscribe to that on my iCal calendars at home and work and then either leave them be or copy them and bring them into my iCal space where I have access to them (you can't edit a shared calendar). - hope that helps. Technorati Tags: ,