Friday, August 11, 2006

Pic of the Week - Fuzzy Floatilla

Fuzzy Floatilla
Originally uploaded by idarknight.

Well, I've recanted my distrust of Flickr as it now truly seems to be all that it set out to be and it's a great way to get more exposure to my photography (not to toot the horn too loud, but another picture I was considering for this week is the Alberta Photoblog group's spotlight of the week - week 3 -). It also handles the EXIF data.

This was taken this week. A couple weeks ago, I likely saw this family in the park when they were all just born and now they are slightly bigger but just as cute. I found them all bundled together in a nest (that picture is in the photostream as well) and just after my brother gave them a bit of a start they all took to the water. Oddly enough they were fine with me being there, but I was moving slowly toward them. If I could have got a bit closer, I would have had an amazing picture - hopefully the flash would have not been overly disturbing, but what can you do.

After they were out on the water it was very cute to see them all bobbing along as if they were tied by a string to their mother, trying to run on the water and then getting scolded if they got too far away.

I'm going to be away all next week, so no posts for a while - not that I've been as regular as I wanted to be of late. When I get back, I'll have some new galleries up on my site as well.