Thursday, August 03, 2006

Way more Wii

I've just finished installing Opera on my Linux box and it's far and away the best browser that I've used on the edunbuntu install that I have. Far better than the old Firefox 1.07 that I can't seem to upgrade for the life of me. But while on the site, I've seen quite a few times that Opera for Devices is showing the Wii as it's exemplar hardware. This is something that got me interested in the Nintendo DS for a while as well if for no other reason that it could run a browser and connect via WiFi. This was through an add on, so that made it less appealing. On the other hand, Wii will do this out of the box, and with Opera, you have a browser that can be a portal into educational material without developers having to do much of anything. With this connection, the sites that the Innovate article mentioned could pop up with some speed as kids would not have to change modes (console to computer) to investigate additional material. Developers could even have teacher resources online without having to "pollute" the game with "real learning" (some Prensky and Koster coming through there). Thanks to Digg, I also found this blog post about why Ryan thinks the Wii will do well. According to the post, on it's own credentials on it's own the Wii will do well. With hardware and connectivity, the Wii will be a tough box to beat. Technorati Tags: , ,