Friday, July 28, 2006

Power of txt

It seems that North America is slowly warming to TXT - and has been for a while, but after seeing this story on Technology review, it seems that we are nowhere near on the map as compared to the rest of the world (not surprising really, considering the big draw to the masses in NA for txt right now is either contest or sporting score update driven - with some people using txt to save money on daytime calling). China uses messaging to alert people about typhoon dangers because the cell phone is as prevalent as the radio or phone. This story reminds me of one of the ideas that keeps popping up in Friedman's book - that he wants to run for office based on creating a better mobile phone network... China's network extends to the Tibetan Plateau for Pete's sake! PS - I'm going to try to get a pic up this weekend - I've got a few new ones (I've been shooting lots of babies recently) that I hope to make into a gallery. Technorati Tags: ,