Monday, July 17, 2006

Hack your Shoes!

Well it's not traditional Sneakernet, but you can use your regular shoes to use the Nike+iPod combo with this simple mod - Runner's World UK also has the same idea). If it gets Farked, Dug or Dotted, basically the guy has taken velcro strips and used them to attach the Nike unit to the tongue of his shoe and then secured it with a couple stitches. This means for everyone else who wears other shoes, you can get in on the iPod game as well (PS, I'm back on the road with 5k - untimed/slow this morning after messing up my biceps tendon behind my right knee last month during the Cup finals). I wonder what it can do if you just velcro it to your ankle and run - will it still get the shock that it needs? Technorati Tags: ,