Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Comic Life - and Mac Distribution

Ok, I'm currently in a zombie state - neither here nor there (I think I'm more anxious to see my nephew than my brother is... though he may just be very very tired), but before the excitement started yesterday, I was helping someone in the faculty with their new Macbook and found an app Comic Life bundled with it. I popped it open and saw that it would be very useful to one of our graduate programs that is going to explore photonovella as a variant of Digital Storytelling. So rather than having to try to dig through the app to find out where it's from I simply zipped it t my thumbdrive and took it to my computer to play with and sent it off to another prof. What's the beauty in this you ask? Well, the app becomes a demo once it detects that there is no serial number and like many Mac apps does not require admin level access to execute because it does not change the base OS in any manner - this means that I can send a class using our Mac labs right to the site and have them download and go in minutes without having to touch each one for install permissions. Technorati Tags: