Friday, June 23, 2006

Pic of the week - Lavender

Well here is the benefit of spot metering. There was just a sliver of sunlight as you can see in the second image (impressive bokeh in my mind for what I was working with) and the other metering would not give me as nice a shot. The only thing that has been done to the upper pic (66% crop) us a bit of Unsharp Mask. I was worried about not getting sharp images out of the kit lens, and some of them are, but the rest are likely going to need a little TLC in PP. Exif ('cause it's important now) 1/160 f9 ISO 100 55mm (this is why I think I may be happy with primes - I'm more often than not at one end of the lens or the other unless space is tight, but the zoom helps to save time swapping lenses).