Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving into dSLR

Something to keep in mind for those of you thinking about making the jump into dSLR. It seems that there are a few things happening to capture different market segments. Canon and Nikon are "old school" when it comes to dSLR as is Olympus. For the most part the images that are coming off of these cameras are quite ready for use, but they are meant to be post processed. Cameras from Sony (like the new alpha-100), Panasonic, Samsung and the like are consumer dSLRs that are aimed at people coming up from digis that want great shots right out of the camera without processing. Keep this in mind if you are in the market. With some work, you can get great images every time from any camera, but remember that digis are not really meant to be used in the professional space (mind you a professional just gets paid for their work, they could scribble on a sheet of paper and it would still be "pro"). So if you just picked up a nwe RebelXT or D50 and notice that the pictures are not quite the same as your old P&S digi, don't fret, you just need a little more time on your camera and you'll get better shots than your old equipment, and in the mean time, your post processing can help with some of your images, so you are really learning two things at the same time. If you are getting another entry level dSLR, the same likely holds true. Technorati Tags: