Monday, June 19, 2006

Canadian WebCT Conference - Clean, lean, mean HTML

I'm at my first pre-conference session today. Creating clean, lean, mean HTML files. It's nothing that is overly informative for me, but the value in this session is to see what the central admin and the WebCT "people" are saying about HTML. Basically they are saying that you should use HTML because it is simple and accessible for students (easier for screen readers) and helps you to avoid the (from the instructor's point of view) pains of having to deal with students complaining about not being able to see things because they don't have the same system setup that you do, using different plugins and the like. Many students get confused, though it's getting less so now, it may still be an issue. It's a decent little overview for people just getting going on WebCT. I'm thinking that overall this is going to be even less of an issue, because as I'm reading through Prensky's latest book, this is more for the instructor than the students, showing a bit of their "accent". Technorati Tags: