Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Less is more - Tragedy of the Blogosphere

Well, this is not an apology... I've never really been worried about posting everyday, but I found this online today for those of you who are suffering through the cluttered RSS readers from people who generate one or more posts a day (granted some are really useful, but after a while, the tragedy of the commons kicks in). I've been plowing through a database rebuild of a database so I can show some new staff how to manage it on their own once it's done. It's playing into our mantra of teach people to fish... and it works most of the time. I've done the database thing with one group already and it seems to have gone well enough, hopefully this one does the same. So if anyone out there is lamenting how much training costs... just think of the time and money that it will save down the road - because do it yourself is often cheaper and provides better results if the proper care and attention is provided. Technorati Tags: