Sunday, June 11, 2006

Confessions of a Digital Native

I may be old for some to consider me a native, but I think I qualify by the way that I work with technology and the fact that I've had some manner of computer around since before I started school - be it a friend's Coleco or our own Commadore 64. But anyway, on with the brief story. I have yet to take a picture with my new 30D - It's not that I'm afraid of breaking it or that it's a lemon (especially now that I got the service plan for it... even if I never need it, it's over $1000 and if I had to cough up on my own for the last two major purchases that needed repair outside or inside a year that was outside what the manufacturer would give, I would be out one video card and one 47" TV - It's not because I don't know how to run it generally, but I think it's because I know how to run my old camera so well that I don't want to get my but kicked by the new gear just because I don't know where a function is. I think I'm cribbing up for an exam more than anything else. So to this end, I'm looking at the manual to make sure I know what does what and that I can map my V3 knowledge to the 30D with minimal fuss (kinda like remapping a database). It also lets me buy some time to get some more memory and a card reader to jump in fully when I do take the plunge. Technorati Tags: