Friday, June 02, 2006

Recess threatened?

Cog Daily has an article on how recess is becoming structured and as often as not cut out completely. Even though it's not talking about gaming like I've written about, it still talking about the importance of unstructured play. If you look at how kids learn many of the tools that they use in their daily lives, you'll find a largely unstructured process of experimentation. If school continues to move one way and "real life" the other, then we are going to see traditional school become even more difficult for the average student to accept. The real crisis is that there are so many teachers "stuck in the old ways" and new teachers being trained by those same old teachers, that try as we might, we have a massive up hill struggle to get a generation of teachers trained in even tech friendly methods. This not to match what us Ed/Inst Tech people want, but rather to match what the students are bringing into the classroom on their own. Technorati Tags: ,