Friday, June 16, 2006

iCal and gCal a bit closer

I notice in my logs that every now and again people come to my site looking for a way to get these two systems to sync. Google can export it's calendars to iCal, but things don't seem to be as smooth going the other way. If you use .mac you can put your calendars online, but then you are not able to edit them there. If you use only gCal, you can't put things in your phone and have them show on gCal. So here is a stopgap - if you have .mac, publish your calendars, and with any luck gCal will be able to pick them up as "other calendars". Be sure to add each of your iCal calendars, so that you can see it all in gCal. Now take the default gCal and share it to iCal. In theory both calendars will be able to talk to each other and entries made on one can be shifted to the other - huh?? - so if you make an entry on your phone it shows up in the calendar that you have specified on iCal, that gets sent up to gCal and from there you can see it. If you make an entry in gCal (on your default calendar) it will be reflected on your iCal and that can be synced off to your phone. Not the greatest, but it's a stopgap and it's still not 100% for me. Technorati Tags: , ,