Friday, June 30, 2006

Pic of the Week - 50mm

These are the first two pictures that I took with my new 50mm "plastic fantastic/nifty fifty" lens. It really is quite the little performer. After these shots I used it at a party and it was on 85 percent of the time. I'm thinking now that primes are the way to go - but zooms are the catch all. I'm now tossing up between the 17-85 and the 28-135. I like the reach of the latter, but something tells me that I might want the wide angle. Then I think that I can stitch together panoramas using double take and save pennies for a superwide or better yet a macro. On that it's likely going to be the latter. Exif: Top: 1/640 f1.8 -1ev 50mm ISO 100 Bottom: 1/250 f4 50mm ISO 100