Friday, July 07, 2006

Pic of the Week - IS water Educational?

This is the new water feature in the Education Courtyard. I took it last night at 1/6 of a second exposure with IS. It really does seem to help things out - generally I can do 1/8 when I'm calm, but last night I know that I was excited (just getting back from visiting the baby - who btw peed on me... just like in the movies... ). The rest of the EXIF is 28mm, ISO 400, F5.6. I need to learn a little more about exposure - this week I've had the chance to play quite a bit and it seems that the camera will over expose by default, so EC and changing to manual to affect shutter and aperture is something that I should get better at - especially with landscapes. A couple of other things that I noticed - AF doesn't like the light during a cloudy sunset, but MF will (as always) work rather well to get very close and then lock up. Second, the LCD on the SLR is not the best reviewing screen. I've been spoiled by P&S screens, so this was a bit of a shock, but it's learning the system and photography as an art that is the goal of this endeavour, so the fewer crutches that are in the way, the better.