Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First run at Digital Storytelling and other observations

Well, we'll start with the extras - this last weekend one of my friends got married. At my wedding he spoke from the bride's side and commented on me instead of my wife, which was a nice touch. At this wedding, I was going the video and "candid" photos. I wasn't the official photographer for the actual wedding day (though I wound up doing that for a couple of other ceremonies). I learned so much doing that it was great. One of the biggest was that gym floors and flashes look funny (like a pool), that shooting vertical is good (I shot horizontal much of the time and I don't think that I got the best images that I could have if I verted some of them) and finally that bounce flash is your friend and the rotating head on the flash is useful for shooting verticle! Some of the shots that I took will be showing up here as POW. Now, onto the storytelling. I'm doing a workshop with a class right now and there are a few things that I'm learning as we go. First is that every attempt should be made to limit the number of images. Second, as great as iMovie is to work with, beware the massive amount of time that it can take to import images and finally, be sure that students have dont their prep work in advance. Mind you this is being done in a one day workshop. If you have more time, things are a bit easier. I'll post more after the session if there are any other enlightening points. Technorati Tags: ,