Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Safari is now supported by Google Calendar - .mac ponderings

Well, now that Google has it's new notifier out (it's really buggy) it also looks like they have made the calendar work with Safari and it seems that the updates are now quite a bit quicker than they were in the past. Now I'm really pondering if I should stay on .mac or move off to a DIY solution. I'm torn because the killer feature on .mac for me is not so much the iLife integration - with iWeb, I can do the same anywhere, but it's the syncing. It would be a no brainer if there was some way to get Sync Services to point to Google rather than Apple, but that is not the case yet. In the end, I think I'll be on .mac for at least another year while I look more seriously into upgrading my domain and using the Google Domain service for email. Technorati Tags: , ,