Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Blogger in Beta

I'm surprised it isn't bloggr (that is what I typed first). Anyway, if you want to take a peak - it's here (tour). I tried to move but got this message :( So I've started another blog - Shooting in the Dark - for photos... I was going to call it Yet another Photo Blog, but as you can see, that is not very original.

Why can't I switch to Blogger in beta? While the new version of Blogger is still in beta, some users with certain types of blogs will not be able to switch to it. We'll be adding support for these blogs as soon as possible, so everyone can join in the fun. But for now, if you have any of the following on your account, you'll need to hold off for a bit: A blog publishing via FTP to a non-BlogSpot server. A blog with a Plus upgrade (we stopped offering this upgrade a couple years ago, so this will not affect many people). A team blog. A blog with a mobile device associated with it. Note that, even if your blog is eligible to switch, you may not have the link to do so on your dashboard. We are starting out by just switching over a limited number of accounts, but we'll add more and more as time goes on. However, if you still want to try out Blogger in beta, what you can do is to visit and create a new account. Later on, you'll be able to merge this account with your original Blogger account. Thanks for your patience, and we promise it will be worth the wait!
I think I got caught by this because I have a few blogs on my dashboard that are group based (It makes sense, I can't pull the others over without telling them). Otherwise it looks like they are getting blogger to act more like Wordpress. It looks like there is quite a bit of customization allowed through a drag and drop type interface (click for module really) that resembles the Wordpress widgets and full on functionality through the RAW html. Technorati Tags: ,