Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Google Indexing

Like many people, I generally only use Google to search for sites/information online. It's fast and reliable and it's not "evil". But what has got me a bit jaded of late is a website that I designed (Chandler Stewin Psychological Institute) a few months ago now is still not indexed by Google, despite it being indexed with the keywords "chandler stewin psychological institute" in Yahoo and Live (both "evil" according to many - especially the latter for Mac users - and it seems for Firefox on Windows as well). On Google, the search on the keywords nets this. Stewing??!!!?? All this despite the fact that it's being tracked in Google Analytics, Sitemap and the URL has been submitted many times. It's frustrating for me as the webmaster, and the owners of the business because they are not easy to find (they are even part of the BBB and that isn't helping!). This points out two things - that Google is not without holes in it's system as flotsam and jetsam frequently get indexed right away but other sites must "age" first according to many sources online. The quick risers are likely also those that bend, if not break some of Google's "rules". Second is (and one of the reasons that the site likely won't come up with it's acronym CSPI is that there are a number of sites that are already "there" and the "name space" is crowded) that it seems that if you want to get linked up in Google, you should have a very unique name, be linked to other sites and at least until the site ages, rely on a more specific set of keywords. Technorati Tags: