Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is Mo-Pho-Blogging lomography?

In the article that I just posted, Burgess brings up something called lomography. I'd heard about it some time ago living in Res (ah Penbina Hall, too bad you are office space now) and this article brought me back to it. As I was reading on the Travel Photography Blog, I noticed a link to lomo and it hit me - cell phones, even with all their increasing MPs and ever improving lenses could be considered the lomos of the current age. Even the little candybar cams lime the Sony L1 that take very good images would fall into this boat as they can be positioned anywhere to compose any shot (thankfully there is now a restriction /law regarding voyeurism in Canada now. Granted it's more than the pin hole camera, but I would beg to argue that some of the most amazing pictures on Flickr or any other site are made by these little cameras and not always by the L glassed 1Ds MkIIs of the world. Technorati Tags: ,