Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lecture Now and Again

There is nothing new about taping lectures, students have been doing it for a long time as a way to improve their notes. Now the modern equivalent to recording with a tape machine is the podcast. There are several really interesting examples of it including one (Mr Sprankle) that was commented on in various places (Rick's Cafe and StigmergicWeb) yesterday. As is the case with many things, until you try it you never really appreciate it. Well today I recorded a guest lecture that I gave using Elluminate and the students were thrilled to know that it was going to be available in short order for them to view later on. Recordings like this can be very good for not only students, but instructors as well. They can facilitate reflection and while they are not the same semi refined "shows" that podcasts are, they can fill a similar role if you have the facilities and are willing to change the way that you as an instructor presents material. In the end, the change will likely mean a world of good for all involved, assuming the proper time, care and attention is given.