Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Perp Groove

I've seen this before, but in my current enthusiasm for blogging, I have to put this out again. Hitachi has cooked up what is likely the coolest way to describe what would otherwise be a drier than toast topic. My brother and I were commenting that now we are starting to see commercials the way our generation (mid twenty somethings) would make them, and the Hitachi video is a perfect example. It looks and feels like a school project done by someone looking to make the best of things. I'm thinking that we should have students try to do things like this when they can. My brother always made movies rather than doing essays in English (I didn't have access to cameras, nor a group that was video savvy in my grade cohort) and he came up with some amazing stuff. Since then the tools have become simplified and the processes much faster, so there should be more students doing projects using more than just text.