Monday, May 30, 2005

Yelling into the dark

When I first got online many moons ago, I thought websites were so cool to have and to do just for their own sake. But then I got caught up into fantasy that other people might want to drop by my page and learn more about me. At the time (1996), the web was a small place, small enough that it happened. If you built it, the people would occasionally come along. Fast forward a few years and I made a successful little fan site for the movie The Fifth Element. People came there for the content of the site and I thought I had it - the it being how to get people to see my ideas - licked. From this one successful little site I thought that everything else I would ever do could get a leg up. But that was not the case, as the web grew, fewer people came. Now, I know that you need content to get people to your site, and you need to get people to get there in some manner or another. This is why I think blogging is such an interesting and powerful tool. I can now blab and provide links to my work and because I have my content interacting with the content of others, I get traffic. Traffic begets feedback, feedback begets growth. Growth in turn generates traffic. It's not rocket science, many others have figured this out before me. So now I have my little space set up and I've got links (some of which are stolen from Rob Wall - though I had them in my bookmarks before as well) to some of the places I visit often and my own site that has my vital info and my latest photos. I'm also going to try to get the other people on the PD team here at the U of A F of E to start blogging. Even if for a while I'm yelling in the dark, and I'm never really talking to anyone more than myself and the odd tumbleweed travelling surfer, it's a start on a journey that if for nothing else is for myself. I just noticed that CogDogBlog is looking for Blog-ha moments like the one that I just posted... send yours in.