Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Rants - RSS Style

I know, I've gone blog crazy - but it's all to build a good habit. Is it just me or are people (Canoe,elearnspace, Nooked and Time) just now waking up to RSS? These are just a few of posts that I've seen on RSS lately (including discussions on ads in RSS as well (Click) at Weblogg-ed. It seems that RSS has emerged from it's larval stage of geek only and it has started to move into the stage where meta and psuedo geeks can also start taking a look. In terms of how RSS can be used in Education, I'm thinking things like webquests could be helped out quite a bit as RSS provides links into blog archives that tend to be fairly permanent. Other uses could be to provide students with safe surfing to sites by removing the inclination to go out onto the rest of the web when using a reader application. There is also the advantage that is there for low bandwidth connection. XML files are small and easy to download, being (hopefully) free of ads and extra bandwidth sucking "content".