Monday, June 20, 2005

Into the trenches

I'm at the Canadian WebCT Conference over the next couple of days and even though the content of the presentations by in large is not really pushing the boundaries of what I know, it is doing one thing that a colleague and noticed. It's giving us an insight into the trenches again. It's showing us the successes and challenges of people like those we are trying to help. Many of them are not in education, so some of the things they are discovering are old hat to teachers, but it's interesting to see how they are going about solving the problems that they have. It's also really neat to see how enthusiastic they about what they are doing. So to all the presenters, congratulations, you've done lots that you should be very proud of. Kudos also to Daniel Langlois and Loyalist College who seem to be doing much the same sort of thing that TechPD does within the Faculty of Ed.