Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blogging Basics Part 3

Two of the things that haven't been really covered in terms of getting students blogging is how to assess what they have done and what sorts of guidelines should they follow, seeing that they are making their work available for more than just the protected school environment. The EFF posted a guide for bloggers that looks at liability and bloggers as journalists. This may be a bit much for a bunch of grade 2s who are typing away, but would make a good guide for a grade 12 or post secondary class. It is American, but my guess is that if you follow the spirit of the things they say you should be covered in Canada or Europe (not that I'm a lawyer, but this is my guess). The good points are in the IP FAQ. elearnspace also posted on this. Weblogg-ed also posted something on assessment commenting on Konrad Glogowski's "Grading Conversations" over at the blog of proximal development. If I were to put my two cents in on assessing a blog, I would see if it had reason for being, an author who displayed growth in writing and ideas and if it was written in a way to make the topic interesting to the casual surfer.