Tuesday, June 14, 2005

First crack in next gen consoles

... as an aside it's taken me quite a while to put this post up, I'm currently bed ridden by what the doc calls one he ll of a viral infection ... Wired posted an article today by Jim Martz who suggests that it would be a great thing for the next gen consoles to take part in distributed computing. My guess is that Sony and MS won't be very forthcoming to help in this effort, but if there is a third party that can make the idea a reality, the easiest way to get the project going (in my estimation) is to go after med students. In my experience, a good chunk of these young professionals are gamers and are more than willing to plug in and help in the cause (protein folding etc). If something like distributed console computing catches on, it will likely reveal ways for consoles to be used in other tasks that are educational. Imagine - a teacher uploads assignments to every students' next gen console and before the student can play, they must post a blog entry or finish a math assignment. And until it's done, there is a reminder on the TV. Some might see this as overly intrusive, but I don't think it's any more intrusive than emailing parents or getting agendas signed... ok... this post has sapped most of my energy again... I'm off to bed again.