Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fan Boys

... a rant ... soapbox please... thanks...disclaimer ... I'm a semi reformed fanboy (once a fanboy always a fanboy). It's interesting to watch the reaction to the news that Apple is changing from IBM/FreeScale PPC CPUs to Intel x86 (we think) CPUs. The best of it are the fanboys who are thinking that the CPU change will leave the OS open to viri and able to run Windows applications. It seems that it does not take much to be a fanboy when it comes to actual knowledge. But it points to something that is important even outside the fanboy world. Basic computer literacy. Much of the misunderstanding in these situations comes from the individual not really knowing or understanding the vocabulary that is used in the field. If these fanboys knew what the CPU's role in terms of viri is, then they would be better able to understand what is going on through this switch. But if the fanboys are having issues (and they are the ones that are motivated to know), then what about the rest of the people out there with no motivation to know?