Friday, June 17, 2005


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This is my picture for this week. It's from the FDR memorial in Washington DC.

In light of the newly granted CRTC licenses for satellite radio in Canada, it seems a little more fitting.

It used to be that people believed what came off the page because those who created the content were few (and why would they lie) and in power, so the words must have been true.

FDR started to take advantage of radio to give his voice directly to the people. This of course was in age where what political leaders said was not as polished and produced as it is now (though I would argue that most of what Martin, Bush and other leaders say these days is not very polished).

As TV came along, it gained prestige if only for the fact that it was quite a production to get a show out, so like early text, why would one doubt someone with enough money to produce a show?

All those are now eroded and corrupted as people today see spin everywhere. That is where the power of the blog seems to have taken route again. It's straight from one mind to another, without a middle player to edit or produce or otherwise alter the message.

If you are reading this, you may be just the 2005 version of the man in the sculpture, listening to my fireside voice.