Monday, September 11, 2006

Finally, my own domain... again

Well, this one has email and full on php and all the rest. is live and I'm trying out the "Google Apps for My Domain" as well as the Joomla Open Source Content Management System. I'm still testing that out so it's going to be a while before that goes live, but until it does, I've just copied over my old site. I have to admit, I did this because I'm getting a really good deal, but in my hmming and hawing about leaving .mac, this may be the impetuous that I needed. The syncing is the one killer app that .mac has, and everything else I can have on other free and paid services. But education wise, there are likely a number of smaller schools that don't have central support looking at doing the google thing and there are many people who are again looking to get their own domain, so I figured, it's time for me to try it all as well. With any luck, Blogger Beta will allow for publishing on other servers. Edit and Update... I've also moved my domain over to my new host now as well, and the process was rather easy - though I had to dig out my CIRA information (thankfully there is a button on the control panel of my old host). This is a real boon for me because I really like the .ca at the end. So now that I have these two independent domains, I think I'll have one as the test site and the other as production (.org and .ca respectively). As for the Google for my Domain... well it's felling to me like it's not all that it may be made out to be. They have an option to allow the Google Pages engine publish to the site, but in terms of email, there are only a few hosts that are truly compatible with the Google system. For my part, the issue was with the number of MX records that I have access to. I can change two, but Google needs seven for the hosts that are not listed. Technorati Tags: