Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Art Rage

I was looking for some tutorials to make sure I was up to speed on Paint Shop Pro for a Digital Storytelling "workshop" tomorrow when I came across Art Rage. It's by the the same group that does Kai's Power Tools. It's very much like a "junior" version of Aias Sketchbook Pro. There are free demos on the Mac and on Windows so give it a try. OT: ITunes Videos are now in Canada and the Daily Show is in the line up for $10 for 16 shows or $1.99 each - some people are calling it a subscription - I'm calling it bulk rates - the videos don't die after "x" amount of time. EDIT - actually it seems that they are still not here - for whatever reason, the Canadian store in my iTunes was acting like the American one. Technorati Tags: ,