Thursday, March 02, 2006

Microsoft Oragami Project

It's not hot off the press news by now, but there is a fair bit of stiff about Origami. It seems to be a device (in terms of size) that is one step above the intelligent magnets and watches that Bill and Co. were talking about a few years ago and it's possibly just bigger than a Blackberry in it's original incarnation. Whatever it is, (?) it will likely be something that moves people a little closer to ubiquitous computing in the eyes of MS. But I'm thinking that whatever it is, in the current shots, it seems to be too big. After all, RIM resized the Blackberry to be more phone like and sized and Apple has tried very hard to ensure that the iPod is pocketable. If this thing is to have any traction at all, I think it's going to have to be no bigger than the N-Gage or have some way to fold into something no bigger than a phone and not much thicker otherwise it's going to be geek only - to big for a suit pocket, too small to do anything really useful, even if it has every bell and whistle on the block. If it isn't... the ubergadget won't even notice that it's out. If it's just a small tablet - I think many will wait for the sub $100 lappy to be available to them at $2-400 rather than drop almost $1000 on this (numbers taken from thin air). Technorati Tags: , ,