Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Syncing feeling

Well it seems that there are a few issues with syncing single phone with more than one mac using isync and on top of that it seems that my phone doesn't like to talk to my home computer, even though it is cordial when the computer talks to it. I tried to get the phone to connect using Salling Clicker but that was a non starter as I keep getting error -6016. At first I thought that it was a problem with the Mac, but since it works some times and not others, I'm thinking that it's the phone so I am curious to know what Nokia/Rogers has to say about that. Anyway, the syncing feeling that I am getting with my current setup is that I have to sync only from home and that I have to dump images to any of the Macs that the phone feels like playing with. This isn't too bad as for the most part I'm not busy enough to need an all things at all times solution, but it is a pain. Hopefully in the next version of the iSync software Apple will allow the user to choose which "device" is the master that all others should be matched to and that way any number of items will be able to stay aligned. Technorati Tags: ,