Friday, February 24, 2006

Sync update

Well it seems that the problem that I was having on the .mac side with sycning may have been caused in part by the time that it took to update the phone. I've got over 2000 entries in my calendar and when things go wrong all them have to come over and that tends to cause time outs on the .mac server. So I may have a solution in that I'll only sync entries that are only as far back as a month. With any luck the smaller updates will let me sync to any of the three machines that I use with impunity. I was also having trouble sending files via BT to my home computer and after finding a cool little Symbian utility called FExplorer I seem to have regained my bluetooth mojo for sending files. I'm also starting to figure out where the Symbian OS stores files so that I can make better use of the "inbox". Technorati Tags: , ,