Monday, February 27, 2006

Wedding Albums

Just something quick - this weekend was yet another one dedicated to choosing photos for our wedding album. I remember when I ordered, I made sure to ask that the wedding be shot in digital and that at the time I was thinking that it would likely mean that the final ordering would go faster and that in the end, it would cost less to get a disc of all the images. It turns out that I was more than right as this weekend we were told about "the old days" of album ordering where the studio would labour over all the images and try to set them out in some sensible manner and then through consults with the couple, they would arrive at the final order. Apparently this was insanely time consuming and now on digital, the burden of choice is on the couple and the studio gets to concentrate on post production. Not a mind blowing example of the way things have changed, but one that kinda struck me this weekend as one of the ways that digital storytelling has really been able to help people tell their own story as they are now in greater or complete control of their story with little training. And as they gain experience they are able to create "richer" stories. Technorati Tags: