Monday, March 06, 2006

The Ubergadget is not passive - or at least it doesn't seem to want to be

Used in that manner by the masses. C|Net has a story about a study that says that 75% of cell phone users are not interested in music or TV on their phones. While this may be a shock to the companies (as C|Net notes as well) that are trying to sell us all really hard on music and TV (in Canada the Bell Olympic Commercials were almost enough to make one think that paying for the CBC highlights was a good thing and Roger's "Music Phones" are certainly quite well marketed as well) it seems that most people want to interact using their phones - play games, txt, work, email all that sort of jazz, not be bummed out on the "tube". Though with that last comment, I do think that there are a fair number of commuters that would enjoy having TV and music on their phones, if only to not have to carry around their iPod or other media player. In the end, I think this study is pointing in the right direction for the M-Learning and ubiquitous computing types (BTW congrats RIM) that want to use the phone as something more than a passive device. And in the wake of Google's comment on the future of online storage and CPU access it seems that the connection to the network will be the deal breaker, so that any device with at least a modicum of smarts will be able to do pretty much anything and everything that one would want. Of course it's going to be a while before we are editing video online, but that will come as well. Technorati Tags: , , ,