Monday, March 06, 2006

Spore - Sim Everything

Will Wright is up to his tricks again and this time he has taken pretty much every game that he has ever worked on and rolled it into one massive experience. Spore takes the player from the cellular stage to the full blown interstellar, Star Trekesque level in a way that seems to be very accessible. Some of the people that I showed this to say that it would be a great way to teach evolution... well duh, that is the first part of the game, but then later, evolution or genes gives way to memes as you get into social studies and then later into science. With the right amount of time (as is always the case/curse), this game could really do well for kids in project based learning, or an integrated middle school. Will comments that the way this game is played is opposite to most - as most games have a sandbox that allows full access to everything the game can do and then the game starts with a limit. This game starts with the limited sandbox and then as you develop reveals more. I don't think this is really that new, but having not played the game I can't say. I hope it comes out on the consoles as well as WinXP/OSX because it would be a same to not have this game accessible to as many people as possible. Technorati Tags: , , ,