Thursday, November 03, 2005

Google Print - Wikipedia Print?

I know I'm late to the party blogging this - had meetings and other things happening, but Google Print is online, and you have to login with your Google ID to get more info. You can also work around the current limit of pages that you are allowed to view (thanks Kim) by selecting "more results". I'm wondering how this will change the way that students research now - it was (until yesterday) the case that students would find the easy way out by finding "full text" online or quoting online sources as if they were their print analogues, but now they are all the same. I'm sure the best thing about this is that it will allow schools that have inadequate libraries to at least access some of the great books that are out there in a digital format (nicely protected it seems through some pretty neat javascript and css fu). And in another interesting turn, Wikipedia is thinking about a print project to get content out to people in developing countries. Grr - Google seems to be crushed right now I've been trying to post for an hour! Technorati Tags: , , ,