Friday, October 28, 2005

Pics of the Week - Simple Solutions

These panoramas are made using a very cool little shareware program called DoubleTake. It's simple and cheap ($15CDN) and until I try to do the same images with Photoshop CS I won't really be able to compare the results, though I expect that DoubleTake may win out (and I've been waiting to get home to decide to buy or not). Even though there were no highlights yesterday, the theme seemed to be getting stuff done quick and dirty. The other theme (unofficially) was that there are so many definitions for blogs, wikis and portfolios in the rest of the world that don't fit with the North American definition (I think they are just jumping on buzzwords - after seeing a "portfolio" that is just an assignment management system and a blog that is really just a web-board and using blogs when what was really needed was a wiki but they called it a portfolio). The final note for this post is something interesting for this blog. The number one draw to this blog based on searches is ""rainbows" (Please note, even though there is no way that I can track the use of this image or any others that I post here, all images are protected under copyright and I will go after anyone who uses them without permission). I posted a picture of one a while back and it's getting lots of traffic flowing. Odd... Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,