Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ELearn 2005 - Before the first keynote - BackCT and proceedings

Well, it's raining here in Vancouver (anyone surprised?) and it's about 15 minutes before the first keynote. Looking at the proceedings, there is not very much at this conference about game based learning, though there is a round table on the literature, but there is a fair amount on blogging and on portfolios. I had a chance to talk to some people from around the US and in Aisia about the WebCT/Blackboard (BackCT - Backroom Course Tools?) merger (buyout??) and most of them are not concerned - saying that it's going to be just a new name for either the headaches or the hallelujahs. Most of the people I talked to were not involved in the support end of things, but the few that were said that for their campus, it's going to be very much business as usual until the next major upgrade. Edit - Wes (Moving at the Speed of Creativity) has set up a blog just for eLearn 2005 - http://elearn2005research.blogspot.com/. There was no keynote, but Wes has the fill in there. Technorati Tags: , ,