Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Aperture - Apple Strikes Adobe?

Well, I haven't seen the Apple site update yet - but Engadget tells me that Apple has released quad core machines (with a terabyte of possible storage to boot) and Aperture - a RAW editor. It looks like Apple is finally moving into Pro Photo. Some people are saying that this is going to be bad news for Apple and Adobe, but I don't think it will - Adobe is still the king of the ring and having Apple playing around the edges can only help both out. People said the same thing about Motion and it never really seemed to sour things, and even though FCP has really cut out Premier on Mac, I'm sure that Photoshop is going to keep going strong as the CS version are still being released at the same time and probably have an equal user base. Edit - after looking at the online material for Aperture, I think Photoshop may be challenged in terms of what is needed for editing, but as a creator, I don't think Aperture is even going to try - It doesn't seem to me that the two products will really competing for the same core market yet. Though people starting out may choose to build an all Apple shop now (I can see wedding photo/video people doing this). Edit 2 - It looks like Apple is saying that they are not even going to try to compete with Photoshop. Technorati Tags: