Monday, October 31, 2005

A little peace from the Pod Squad

I got the new issue of MacAddict this weekend and Rik Myslewski's editorial about how he never wears his iPod in public. Having just got back from Vancouver and seeing more iPods that I would have thought possible running, jogging, blading and otherwise moving about on the seawall, it hit me that I didn't have mine on. When I didn't take it from the hotel room, it was for two reasons, the first was safety - not knowing the city, it's not a good idea to cut off a major means of environmental awareness, and then second for just that point. The sounds of a city are part of the experience and being a prairie boy who has an affinity for the water, the sound of the sea is a major part of the experience. Granted if I go out at home, I've got my 'pod in hand and I'm tuned into the tunes, knowing what my environment is likely to present to me. But I completely agree with Rik's editorial. There are times when we need to put the gadgets away and return to being just mere mono tasking mortals from our everyday life of multitasking mavens. I would think that this (being unplugged) is just as important to teach kids as how to be plugged in. Technorati Tags: ,